Pole Fitness Level 1

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Pole Fitness Level 1 is a great start for your Pole Dance Fitness Journey. This class will teach out the fundamentals of pole, including walking, proper hand placements, basic spins, climbing and more! 

Pole Fitness Level 1 will help you build technique and strength, combined, to prepare you for the next level.

No experience is required to attend this class. Please wear short shorts & no lotion on the day of pole class.

Pole Fitness Level 2

Pole Fitness Level 2 Dives deeper into the curriculum for a level 2 student, building off of what was learned in Level 1 class! In Level 2, students will practice climbing the pole, a variety of spins, holds, choreography, floor work, variety of techniques, Introduction to inversions, and more. 

Prerequisite: Students must have attended & Passed Level 1, or be approved to attend this class by your certified pole instructor.  

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Pole Fitness level 3

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Level 3 students will learn how to refine their dancing and transition skills. Introduction to inversions, level 3 level climbs, and tricks will be incorporated, along with conditioning exercises to improve your strength and flexibility. Upon completion of this level, students will know and feel comfortable in their transitions, combinations and creating their own choreography!
Prerequisites: Students must have attended & Passed Level 1 & 2, or be approved to attend this class by your certified pole instructor.

Pole fitness level 4

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Level 4 students will learn complex tricks, poses, spins, and combinations. This level focuses on achieving advanced combinations that challenge students to their maximum potential. Students will be required to choreograph their own routine to finalize completion of this level. 
Prerequisites: Students must have attended & Passed Levels 1, 2 & 3, or be approved to attend this class by your certified pole instructor.

Floor & Flow

Come dance with us! This class will lead you through an entire choreography, tailored for all levels. Here you will feel so empowered, as we master these dances as an entire class. You will leave feeling confident in the very basics of pole floor work transitions, basic spins, and combos! 

Great for brand new students. Kneepads, Heels &/or Socks are highly recommended!

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Come train your flexibility with us! In this class you will be lead through a serious of deep stretching and light conditioning, specifically tailored to improve your flexibility for pole fitness. 
Pole fitness requires having a mixture of strength and flexibility, together. Often times we master the strength portion, and let flexibility fall short. Attending consistency with this class, you will not only see improvement in your stretching, but in your pole classes as well. 

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Come workout with us! In conditioning class, students will be taken through a circuit style layout, containing conditioning exercises that are custom to cross training for pole fitness. Cross training for pole fitness is highly recommended for everyone, no matter what your goal is. When students cross train their bodies specifically for pole fitness, they are building muscle in the muscle groups needed to become stronger in their skills, and prevent injury.
This class is open to students of all levels!

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Awaken Pilates - by kiah

"Awaken Pilates by Kiah" – is a rejuvenating and invigorating journey to start your mornings off right with a transformative experience that combines classical mat Pilates with a modern twist.

You'll go through a dynamic core-strengthening session, designed to awaken your body and mind. Pilates is renowned for being a total body workout, and in this class, we take it a step further by infusing contemporary elements to keep things fresh and exciting.

Strengthen your core, improve your posture, boost your mood, enhance cognitive performance, and let go of stress as you engage in this holistic practice.

This class is designed to accommodate all levels, providing a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone.

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Book A Private

Want to get a deeper dive into your spins, tricks, or choreography? Maybe you have a nemesis trick that you need an extra eye and instruction to conquer. Book 1:1 time with an instructor to take your skills to the next level!

Private Lessons include:

✔   One-on-one instruction
✔   Private studio time
✔   Tailored instruction
✔   Goals review

Private Lessons